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the viridum-experience

The retrieval of nature into the cities is now more important than ever. The revegetation of buildings radiates pleasantness and pleasure. It affects the surrounding temperature in a positive way (by means of natural respiration), reduce the noise caused by traffic and industry, improves the air quality, and enhances the cityscape. Living in big cities will become more enjoyable again.

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Heat protection and cooling effect.

Because of densely built-up areas and sealing of soils, heat waves in the summer will happen more frequently and become more intense. There will be more urban heat islands, places in the city where the heat concentration is enormously high and dangerous to our health. Cool places with lower temperatures will become more and more important. Thanks to the evapotranspiration process of plants (which is a fancy way of saying that plants cool down the air surrounding them), viridum can make a substantial contribution to the cooling down of urban spaces. Places equipped with our system will become safe havens where we can (quite literally) chill.

Cool down. Calm down. Feel well. Start relaxing.

Noise reduction

Due to traffic, industrial plants, and construction sites, noise pollution in big cities is at an all-time high and does not seem to drop anytime soon. This noise poses an enormous threat to the health and well-being of humans. Because of densely built-up areas, street canyons, and concrete walls, the sound waves are reflected and cannot escape the streets. This problem can be solved by installing viridum on unutilized surface areas. The system’s plants will simply absorb the sound waves and thus reduce some of the urban noise.

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A better micro-climate

Traffic and industrial plants do not only cause noise, but also release harmful substances into the air. Especially in big cities, the levels of pollution are extremely high and detrimental to our health. A small trip to the countryside will demonstrate this huge difference in air quality. Thanks to viridum, the fresh and clean air usually only found in the countryside can now be brought back into urban areas. This is possible because plants can absorb much of the fine particles and airborne toxins found in the air.

Cool down. Calm down. Feel well. Start relaxing.

Aesthetics and well-being

Concrete, steel, and tarmac have caused cities to display no more than various shades of grey. In the process of urban development and sealing of soils, nature and colors have become a rare sight within cities. This is not only regrettable from an aesthetic point of view, but it also restricts our own personal well-being. Plants are shown to contribute greatly to our happiness and inner tranquility. By re-greenifying cities, viridum can make them worth living in again.